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 Padme OM is a Conscious Community Advisor, New Governance System teacher, visionary, and facilitator of men's work. He got his start in Rainbow Gatherings in his youth (scouting locations and co-creating camps/kitchens. He was on the core team building of MEOW WOLF (as an artist, builder, manager), and spent his summers rafting with "troubled" youth. He is a self made man having grown up in very unconventional circumstances including foster care, and living in a low income family. He is known for his revolutionary voice for Shadow Work as a path to INTEGRATION through community building. A father of two, and a brother to many--He is a catalyst for community everywhere,  including the founder of Awaken Earth, owner of Tiny Temples and on the core team of ONE|Boulder in Boulder Colorado. He’s a master builder, artist, freestyler, alchemist and more.

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