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Community Building Workshop

Service Description

People decide for multiple different reasons on why they want to start live in a community. Since 2022 we have seen an increasing number of community springing up around the world. The desire to live together, collaborate and co-support is on the rise. Whatever your reason this workshop is designed to give you the tools and information to start building your own intentional community. From core team building to purchasing land together, I will walk you through some of the foundations of creating heart coherence with a team, making decisions together, conflict resolution, and living well together. A lot of us want community but don’t know where to start. We live in a society that has put conditions on us and we’ve adapted agreements that are not in the highest alignment for ourselves or the collective. Creating a community gives you a place to release those conditions collectively and rewrite new stories. Communities are places where you create common values and collective dreams that you could bring into fruition and help others feel a sense of belonging. I have been passionate about community building for 3 years. I've helped start a community centered business in Boulder with a community app to help share resources and the essentials for thriving. I am one of the founders of WildHearts Sanctuary in Boulder Colorado. A teacher, advocate of private domains, and gaining back our freedom and sovereignty. A human rights activist, workshop facilitator, mindset coach, new paradigm leader, and a catalyst for supporting entrepreneurs a new business development. If you've ever been excited about starting or joining a community I urge you to join me As we delve deep together and how we could co-create a life of living together. Duration of workshop: 2 hours Price to attend: $111 per person

Contact Details

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